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Become a member/are of FIRST Maastricht is for every fiscal (ex)-student possible. FIRST Maastricht has the following membership forms:

  • Membership for Bachelor students
  • Membership for Master students
  • Membership for alumni

Bachelor students pay during the first year of membership-€ 15.0 per year and starting from the second year membership-€ 25.0 per year.
For Master’s students is the cost of membership-€ 25.0 per year.
For alumni, the cost is € 12.50 per year, for which they receive the magazine “FIRM” and get free entry to the alumni drink.

When you want to do a request to become a member, you need to fill in all fields of the below registration form, incomplete forms cannot be processed. After receiving your application process and will the administration send welcome e-mail to you with further information.

When you are a member of FIRST Maastricht:
* ability to sign up for the International Job Fair
* access to the website with, among others, practice exams
* ability to sign up for several exam trainings
* ability to sign up for FIRST activities
* a free subscription to the magazine the ” FIRM ”
* access to our free monthly drink in Café Local
* 10% discount at Café Local
* 10% discount at stadscafé Lure
* 10% discount for Bread & More

According to article 7 paragraph 2 of the Statute should be made one month before the end cancel of the academic year, that is, before 31 May. This can be done by sending an e-mail to bestuur@firstmaastricht.nl. The late cancellation of the membership means that you also pay membership fee for that year. After registration via the website, you will receive an automatic confirmation email. Within a number of business days it will send you a confirmation FIRST Board of Maastricht.

By filling out the following form and send it, sign in to become a member and powerful you FIRST Maastricht the amount in settlement of the membership to write off your account.

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ALLEEN ALUMNI: huidige werkgever

ALLEEN ALUMNI: studiejaar van afstuderen