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Choosing your first employer is very important. You want to start well and ambitions. Therefore, there is no better place to start your career than at Deloitte. And that has everything to do with the opportunities you get. You work on interesting projects for various clients soon. That makes you work varied and inspiring. With your own initiatives and ideas you give direction to your career. At Deloitte is the ambition literally palpable and that motivates. You learn fast, you grow quickly and rises above yourself out.

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The power of Deloitte is based to a large extent on cooperation. In multidisciplinary teams you will work on diverse assignments with colleagues from various specialties: Consulting: strategic solutions for (inter) national organisations in all sectors. Help improve the value of Cfos. Integrate human Resource issues in the business strategy. Deploy software applications or advise clients on the cutting edge of business and IT.

Financial Advisory Services: professionals and directors advise on complex financial issues, Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), including Corporate Finance and due diligence, real estate and pensions. Financial advice at large corporate acquisitions, realizing funding. But also financial modelling, strategic real estate advice, area development and valuation of contracts and advising on pensions.

Tax: multinationals advise on corporate or dividend tax. Or provide tax advice to Dutch, non-listed companies. Tax, technology and consulting solutions to the fiscal departments of our customers. Or advise on sales tax and customs. Payroll tax affairs and labour law issues for expatriates and employees of multinational corporations or wealthy individuals advise on the growth of their assets.

Accountancy: RA and AA related services, such as the assessment of complex accounts posts, providing advice on interim controls, floor in the administrative organization, compiling of annual and financial reports.

Risk Services: investigate fraud and corruption, and risk management, the reliability of business processes, information and technology. For multinational companies, non-profits, large national enterprises and the higher SME segment.

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