FIRST Maastricht organizes all kinds of (free) activities, which are very intersting for both tax law and fiscal economics students:

In-house days

During the academic year  several office visits are organized. We visit different sorts of companies. From tax consultancy offices, both accountancy and lawyers offices, to Government agencies such as the Ministry of finance and the tax authorities. During these events students can experience the atmosphere of various offices and workplaces. You also have the oppurtunity to meet the people who work there, and ask them questions about their work. The concrete program of these days differ per company. In addition to a general presentation about the company, you can get acquainted with how they work by, for example, a case or a visit to a real customer. Most office visits are informally concluded with a drinks, dinner or some other informal activity.

Monthly Drink

Every month, we organise a free monthly drink. This is also very nice to get to know other students, for example law students can get acquainted with someone who is studying fiscal economics. Often these get-togethers are sponsored by a company, leaving you in an informal way acquainted with (employees of) the company, while enjoying a sponsored drink.

International Job Fair

Every year organises FIRST Maastricht its International Job Fair. During this day companies and institutions have the opportunity to present themselves by organizing workshops. There is also the possibility for the students to have an individual meeting with a recruiter for a possible internship or even a job. After the workshops, there is a time for some drinks, combined with a the possibility to talk to the employees present. The event ends with a three-course dinner where students dine with three different companies. They have the possibility to speak in an informal way and get to ask questions

Exam training

In collaboration with our sponsors we offer exam training for difficult tax courses on the Faculty of law of the University of Maastricht. The trainings are organized and led by employees of a company.

Foreign Study Trip

Every other year FIRST Maastricht goes on a foreign study trip. The trip covers a study related visits to companies and institutions abroad. Of course, there is also a relaxing part i.e. visiting museums, a football game (or any local sports) and, of course, an introduction to the local catering industry. FIRST Maastricht has already visited Berlin, Chicago, Geneva, Milan, Paris, Athens, New York (2009), Moscow (2011), Istanbul (2013), Athens (2015) and Tapei (2017).


Every other year FIRST Maastricht organizes a relevant tax themed Symposium. The day begins with an opening by an authority/company in the field of taxation. Then there are various lectures that shed light on the different views of the theme. There is always a lunch in the middle of the event. After the lectures there is a drink, during which the participating companies can enter an informal conversation with the students.

Open party

Once a year, FIRST Maastricht throws a big Open Party for all its members. Every member is also allowed to bring a friend with them to get to know FIRST and of course have a good time. The party has a different theme every year which guarentees a good time very year!